Rankings (Belts)

There are ten beginner or Kyu rankings: (Note: All teachers can pick their ranks system up until black belt.)

  1. Jukyu (10th Kyu) (White Belt)
  2. Kukyu (9th Kyu) (white belt with one Green stripe)
  3. Hachikyu (8h Kyu) (White belt with two Green stripes)
  4. Shichikyu (7th Kyu) (White belt with three Green stripes)
  5. Rokkyu (6th Kyu) (White belt with Long Green Bar)
  6. Gokyu (5th Kyu) (Green Belt)
  7. Yonkyu (4th Kyu) (Green Belt with one brown stripe)
  8. Sankyu (3rd Kyu) (Brown Belt)
  9. Nikyu (2nd Kyu) (Brown Belt w/ 1 Black Stripe)
  10. Ikkyu (1st Kyu) (Brown Belt w/ 2 Black Stripes)


Then there are the ten black belt or Dan ranks:

  1. Shodan (Regular Black belt/1st degree)
  2. Nidan (2nd degree)
  3. Sandan (3rd degree)
  4. Yondan (4th degree)
  5. Godan (5th degree)
  6. Rokudan (Master’s title: Renshi) (6th degree)
  7. Nanadan (Master’s title: Kyoshi) (7th degree)
  8. Hachidan (Master’s title: Kyoshi) (8th degree)
  9. Kyudan (Master’s title: Hanshi) (9th degree)
  10. Judan (Master’s title: Hanshi-sei) (The same as 9th degree) (10 degree)

On Okinawa at Kanei’s dojo the five kyu rank system was used thus- white, green, brown belt.
Belt colors used may vary from school to school.

To find out more look at our Grading Syllabus.